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Redaction of Respondent’s Name: Exceptional Cases and the Availability of Redaction

BRF S.A, f/k/a BRF – Brasil Foods S.A. v. (Redacted) National Arbitration Forum case: Claim Number: FA1410001583509 November 7, 2014 Most people can relate to a situation where they have had a wallet containing credit cards and personal identification either lost or stolen. The ensuing frenzy of attempting to cancel credit cards in a timely… Read more »

Right or Legitimate Interest .The Need for Altruism. When is a Website Educational and When is it Commercial?

Accuray Incorporated v. Sanjay Mongia / Neuro Network Claim Number: FA1409001582340 Decision: November 3, 2014 There would be universal agreement that a website created for educational purposes should be protected by the UDRP. However, what subject matter should a Respondent make available so that a Panel deems that it has a right or legitimate interest… Read more »

Bad Faith After Domain Name Registration – Is It Enough ?

MD On-line, Inc. v Yenta Marketing, Inc WIPO Case No. D2014-1468 Decision 8 November 2014 There is discourse amongst the UDRP community about what should constitute bad faith for the purposes of the policy. Currently, there is a ‘two-step” or conjunctive requirement for Complainants to prove on the issue of bad faith; they must prove… Read more »