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When is a Gripe not a Gripe Site?

Zillow v. Chris Storseth NAF Case No. FA1409001578264, 3 Oct 2014 It is interesting – and great fun- when the argument is put in a domain name case that the site is a gripe site or a fan site or, as they are sometimes called- a tribute site. It is sometimes said that the party… Read more »

TVLogic Co., Ltd. v Desmet & Associates

Distributors; this is a good case to use where the Respondent has been a distributor of the Complainant but the distribution agreement had come to an end. This meant that there could no longer be a right or legitimate interest by the Respondent in the domain name and it was clearly bad faith for the… Read more »

Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

Should more orders be made for Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH)? Complainants do not incur any actual penalties for findings of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking against them. So, when should orders for RDNH be made?   Globeway LLC v. Domain Administrator / Vertical Axis Inc., FA1407001571651, September 5 2014[1]. Domain name at issue: <globeway.com>  … Read more »