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Proving or Not Proving Bad Faith

TV Sundram Iyengar and Sons Limited v. P.A. Gordon, WIPO Case No.D2014-0814. It is undoubtedly true that domain name cases are won or lost on the basis of the evidence brought forward by the parties. Evidence is more important than assertion. One of the areas where this principle has a very real effect is in… Read more »

No Judicial Notice Of Bad Faith

No Judicial Notice Of Bad Faith If it were needed, a recent case again emphasised the importance of evidence to support the 3 elements that have to be prove in a UDRP claim. The case is Absolute Nutrition, LLC v. Matt McLellan, Claim Number: FA1405001561959 ( NAF January 13, 2014). The Complainant had alleged bad… Read more »

GH Holdings, Corp. v. Gunsan Networks, Corp

THE ASIAN DOMAIN NAME CASES What constitutes bad faith? Domain name registered before trademark Passive holding: Telstra v. Nuclear Marshmellows When does registration of a domain name take place? GH Holdings, Corp. v. Gunsan Networks, Corp., KR-0700018, August 24 2007 Domain name at issue: <gseshop.com> Facts GS Holdings Corp manages the trademarks and domain names… Read more »