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British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre

Established in 1986, the British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre (BCICAC) is a non-profit organisation located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, committed to providing effective alternative dispute resolution services to the commercial and international community.

The Centre is an approved provider of arbitration services for Canadian .ca domain names.

Neil has made 13 decisions with the British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre. To read a decision, go to the British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre's website.


Delta9 Bio-Tech Inc. v. DELTA NINE (DCA-1980-CIRA) 30/05/2018

Eden Care Communities Management Inc. v Kevin Douglas Klassen (DCA-1938-CIRA) 10/01/2018

HSBC Group Management v. Reed (DCA 1786-CIRA)

OSIM International Ltd v. Hariyanto (DCA -1789 CIRA).

OHM, Inc v. Nicolas Todt (DCA-1763-CIRA) 14/04/2016

Magna International Inc. v. Victor Silva (DCA-1415-CIRA) 13/09/2012

Empire Theatres Limited v. Michael Morgan (DCA-1513-CIRA CDRP) 9/08/2013

Carey Intenlational, Inc v. Fabio Simonetti (DCA-1524-CIRA) 3/10/2013

Intact Financial Corporation v. Jack Fagan and Auto-InteIHgent Management Systems Inc. (DCA-1450-CIRA) 11/02/2013

HMV (IP) Limited and HMV Canada Inc v. Michael Mateescu ( (DCA-1364-CIRA)

AM Ford Sales Ltd. v. Canada One Auto Group ( (DCA-0158-CIRA)

AL Fakher International Co. v. International Foods & Resources Inc. ( (DCA-2122-CIRA) 16/08/2019

Sunrise Poultry Processors Ltd. v. Sunrise Hatchery Inc. ( (DCA-2146-CIRA) 2/12/2019

SAP SE v. 034562  BC Ltd.  (DCA-2176-CIRA) 18/2/2020

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