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Resolution Institute

Resolution Institute is a vibrant community of mediators and other ADR practitioners. Created out of the integration of LEADR and IAMA in 2014, Resolution Institute is a not-for-profit organisation with more than 4,000 members in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region. It is a provider of arbitration services for Australian domain name disputes, e.g. .com .au.

Neil has made 8 decisions with the Resolution Institute. To read a decision, go to the Resolution Institute's website.


Kinderplay Designs Incorporated v Swanshore Pty Ltd (auDRP_18_02) 23/04/2018

Private Care Pty. Ltd. v. Webguide Solutions Pty. Ltd. t/a GD Net, on behalf of Daughterly Care Pty. Ltd. (.au DRP_17_06) 

New South Wales Federation of Community Language Schools Inc v. The Australian Psychological Society Ltd (DRP._16_08) 28/02/2016

Messages on Hold Australia Pty Ltd v. Media Group Pty Ltd (DRP_14_14) 05/01/2015

Blueline Hygienics Pty Ltd v. I Like It Pty Ltd (DRP_14_02) 07/04/2014

IVF Sunshine Coast Pty Ltd v. Solutions Sunshine Coast Pty Ltd (IAMA 3167)

NICOLE SYKES on behalf of ORTHOPAEDICS SA PL  v. Dr TONY SPRIGGINS ( auDRP_15_08 ) 23/11/2015

Product Ltd v. Jobseach Bus Systems (3763)

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