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The Hon Neil Brown KC is a prominent arbitrator and adviser in the domain name field. He has arbitrated 1466 domain name cases to date. These decisions have been made in both 1 and 3 person panels, where Mr Brown has acted as the Chair in some cases or as a member of the panel.  

These domain name decisions include many that have been arbitrated by The Hon Neil Brown QC though the ICANN approved providers of arbitration services for disputes under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (the UDRP), like .com. They also include Mr Brown's decisions that have been arbitrated under other dispute resolution policies such as the Australian, Canadian and European processes.

The Hon Neil Brown QC in his Melbourne chambers

The Hon Neil Brown QC, Speaks to ADNDRC and the HKIAC on 14 May 2014.

Simply click on the provider to access a list of Mr Brown’s decisions. If you would like to read the decision listed, go to the providers website. 

Domain Name Providers

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