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Recent Case Notes & Commentary


From today, Domain Times will carry case notes on selected Canadian cases, particularly for Canadian readers. These cases are decisions made under the CIRA Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. CIRA is The Canadian Internet Registration Authority. The Canadian Policy has similarities to the UDRP but it also has differences. It is important to remember this when considering the significance of particular cases. But it is fair to say that the decisions have similar principles and are therefore valuable additions to the body of knowledge on domain names.

Rather than deal with all cases, we will try to highlight important ones and bring out the important features of each. Domain name decisions are not precedents but they are useful as examples and illustrations of how panelists have tackled some of the major issues. They should also be valuable to legal practitioners and others who have to prove the various elements that must be shown under the CIRA Policy.

We hope you find them useful.


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