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Recent Case Notes & Commentary

New Appointments for the Hon. Neil Brown QC

In recent times The Hon Neil Brown QC has been appointed to several new panels dealing with domain names, as well as the major international and domestic panels of which he was already a member and which deal with domain name disputes. We thought it convenient to let you know about these appointments at the one time.

The new panels are:

  • British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Center (Canada) - Panel for the arbitration of domain name disputes.

  • MFSD IP Dispute Resolution Center -  Based in Milan, this is a body newly accredited by ICANN to arbitrate on domain name disputes under the fast track Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS). This concerns domain names issued under the increasingly popular New Generic Top Level Domains. See for the Center’s website and for bios of the arbitrators called Examiners under the URS.

  • National Arbitration Forum (Forum) and Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre - panels on URS disputes (as well as all other domain name disputes).  

  • National Arbitration Forum - Evaluator for .xxx domain name disputes.

  • American Bible Society DotBible Community Dispute Resolution Policy- Panelist. 

  • The Panel of Conciliators at the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) (Washington) - Mr Brown is a long-standing member of this Panel, part of the World Bank, and has now been re-appointed as a member for a further 6 years.

  • Dot Trademark Policy Committee - this is an international advisory committee to support the new Dot Trademark company. The Dot Trademark company has introduced a new range of domain names, all ending in “dot trademark” (in Chinese).  The idea is to have a trademark registered as part of the domain name, but only when the trademark has been verified. This means that anyone seeing a dot trademark domain name will know that the domain name really is owned by the trademark owner and will give consumers more confidence in dealing with the website. It will also help to prevent fake websites and the sale of counterfeit goods on the internet. To assist its work, Dot Trademark has appointed “20 members who are renowned experts and scholars in Intellectual Property (IP), domain name and dispute resolution from 9 jurisdictions, namely Mainland China, Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Switzerland, France, Germany, and Korea." The Hon Neil Brown QC has been appointed as a member of the Committee.

  • MFSD - First European Uniform Rapid Suspension System Provider - MFSD has been newly appointed by ICANN as the third provider of dispute resolution services for the Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS). ICCAN describes the URS as follows: "The URS is a rights protection mechanism that facilitates the rapid suspension of domain names in clear-cut cases of trademark infringement. It is intended to complement the existing Uniform Domain-Name-Dispute Resolution (UDRP) policy by offering a lower-cost, faster path to resolution for such clear-out cases of infringement." The Hon. Neil Brown QC was already on the panel of the first two providers, the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Centre (Hong Kong) and the National Arbitration Forum (USA). It is a greta honour for him now to be appointed to the MFSD panel in Milan.

  • Bucharest Ilfov Court of Commercial Arbitration - Iifov is the country in the Bucharest region of Romania and it has just established a new commercial arbitration body. The Hon. Neil Brown QC has been appointed to its inaugural panel of arbitrators. The Vice-President of the Court is the prominent domain name panelist, Associate Professor Ph.D. Beatrice Onica Jarka. 

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