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Recent Case Notes & Commentary


The Hon Neil Brown QC was the guest speaker at a domain name webinar on Zoom organised by the Canadian International Internet Dispute Resolution Centre (CIIDRC) on Thursday 20 August.

CIIDRC was appointed by ICANN last year as a new provider under the UDRP and the webinar was to introduce the CIIDRC to the wider domain name community and to showcase its services.

The speakers were Mr. Brown and also Mr. Barry Penner QC, Managing Director of CIIDRC and Mr. John Rogers, CIIDRC panelist.

Mr. Penner put the spotlight on the dual role of CIIDRC as a UDRP provider and as a major provider of services to resolve disputes about .ca domain names.

Neil Brown spoke on the whole domain name arbitration process and highlighted

  • Where the UDRP comes from and how it applies to the parties

  • The 3 elements that have to be proved under the UDRP

  • The importance of evidence

  • The differences between the UDRP and some country code policies

  • Some decided cases that show how panellists tend to approach some of the trickier issues in this field

Mr. Rogers spoke about the Canadian system that deals with dot ca (.ca) domain names and in particular the importance of the Canadian Presence Requirements in the arbitration disputes.

If you would like a copy of the events at the webinar, write to Mr Brown’s presentation can be found here.


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