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WIPO 2005

Neil made 9 decisions in the World Intellectual Property Organisation in 2005.


Hyundai Motor Company v. Individual (WIPO D2005-1068) 21/12/2005

Sydney Airport Corporation Limited v. John Crilly (D2005-0989) 22/11/2005

International Data Group, Inc. v. K McGovern (D2005-0960) 31/10/2005

Stanworth Development Limited v. Kaneoka Senuchi (D2005-0703) 30/08/2005

Stanworth Development Limited v. 3748431 Canada Inc (D2005-0655) 12/08/2005

CavinKare Private Limited v. LaPorte Holdings, Inc. and Horoshiy, Inc. (D2004-1072) 14/02/2005

DigiPoll Ltd. v. Raj Kumar (D2004-0939) 3/02/2005

Sony Kabushiki Kaisha, also trading as Sony Corporation v. Richard Mandanice (D2004-1046) 20/01/2005

Go Daddy Software, Inc. v. Henry Tsung (D2004-0980) 4/01/2005

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