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WIPO 2006

Neil made 18 decisions in the World Intellectual Property Organisation in 2006.


Xsens Technologies B.V. v. International Names Ltd. (D2006-1280) 23/12/2006

1st Auto Transport Directory, Inc. v. i Planet Consulting, Inc. (D2006-1212) 19/11/2006

On The Go Technologies Group v. ONTHEGO Internet Solutions Inc. (D2006-1060) 14/11/2006

Schering-Plough Corporation and Schering Corporation v. Registrant [240614]: Forum LLC c/o Moniker Privacy Services (D2006-1068) 3/11/2006

WebFarm Ltd. v. Fopoco Pty Ltd. trading as “Free Parking” (DAU2006-0007) 17/10/2006

Control Techniques Limited v. Lektronix Ltd (D2006-1052) 11/10/2006

Sanofi-Aventis v. Antoine Tardif/Cybernet Marketing (D2006-0879) 7/09/2006

Sanofi-Aventis v. Beres (D2006-0877) 4/09/2006

Paper Payment Services, LLC v. Web Domain Names (D2006-0680) 1/09/2006

Sanofi-Aventis v. Standard Tactics LLC (D2006-0863) 28/08/2006

Cyber Curriculum Vitae, S.L. v. (D2006-0830) 23/08/2006

SENSIS Pty Ltd., Research Resources Pty Ltd. v. Kevin Goodall (D2006-0793) 22/08/2006

Volvo Trademark Holding AB v. Domaincar (D2006-0631) 7/07/2006

Harbord Real Estate v. Austin Robinson (D2006-0418) 15/05/2006

Asset Loan Co. Pty Ltd v. Gregory Rogers (D2006-0300) 2/05/2006

Cedric Kyles v. Domains by Proxy, Inc. /Asia Ventures, Inc (D2006-0046) 21/03/2006

Deutsche Post AG v. NJDomains (D2006-0001) 1/03/2006

Belimed AG v. Irene Schembs (WIPO D2005-1212) 12/01/2006

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