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WIPO 2010

Neil made 16 decisions in the World Intellectual Property Organisation in 2010.


Corscia Ferries – Sardinina Ferries, Forship SPA – Tourship Italia SPA v. Prenotazioni 24 s.a.s (D2010-1416) 27/12/2010

Banco Marco. S.A. v. affordable Webhosting Inc. Advertising (D2010-1759) 11/12/2010

eDreams, Inc. v. CK Ventures Inc. (WIPO D2009-1508) 08/12/2010.

Bible Study Fellowship v. BSF.ORG/Vertical Axis Inc. (D2010-1338) 29/11/2010

X6D Limited v. Telepathy, Inc. (D2010-1519) 16/11/2010

La Société des Bains de Mer et du Cercle des Etrangers à Monaco v. Easthaven Ltd. (WIPO D2010-1167) 22/10/2010.

Pamela Anderson v. Alberta Hot Rods (D2010-1144) 8/09/2010

A.D. Sutton & Sons, Inc. v BABYESSENTIALS.COM c/o Nameview Inc. Whois Identity Shield/ Vertical Axis Inc. (D2010-1125) 22/09/2010

EGL AG v. Maurice Nathan (WIPO D2010-1012) 17/08/201.

Charter Communications, Inc. v. CK Ventures Inc. / (D2010-0228) 25/06/2010

Baccarat SA v. Vine and Weaver (D2010-0540) 25/05/2010

Takko Holding gmbH v. Ashantiplc Limited (D2010-0386) 19/05/2010

Red Bull GmbH v. Reinhard Birnhuber (D2009-1598) 26/05/2010

C Brewer and Sons Limited v. Vertical Axis Inc. / c/o Nameview Inc. Whois IDentity Shiel (WIPO D2009-1759) 11/04/2010

LEGO Juris A/S v. Todd Ahlstrom (D2009-1712) 16/02/2010

eDreams, Inc. v. CK Vetures Inc. (D2009-1508) 8/01/2010

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