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WIPO 2011

Neil made 18 decisions in the World Intellectual Property Organisation in 2011.


Planate Management Group LLC v. Vertical Axis, INc. /Whols Privacy Services Pty Ltd (D2011-1535) 6/12/2011

Cash Converters Pty. ltd. v. Casheez Pty. Ltd. (DAU2011-0029) 30/11/2011

Converse Trading, Ltd. v. Vertical Axis Inc. (D2011-1616) 30/11/2011

Colorfx, Inc. v. Moniker Privacy Services / Registratnt [3636284] Domain Administrator Port Meda (D2011-0883) 23/09/2011

TPI Holdings, Inc. v Garry Chernoff, Netlncome Ventures Inc (D2011-0923) 28/08/2011

Jake’s Fireworks Inc. v. Whois Privacy Services Pty ltd / Vertical Axis Inc., Domain Administrator, Customer ID: 47520518994762 (D2011-0779) 09/08/2011

Commercial  Incorporated v. Registrant [3636743]: Charle Kalopungi / Moniker Privacy Services (D2011-0896) 27/07/2011

Commercial Incorporated v. COMDOT INTERNET SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED /Privacy (D2011-0893) 27/07/2011

Harvard Lampoon, Inc. v. Reflex Publishing Inc. (D2011-0716) 26/07/2011

Barclays Bank PLC v. Kevin Hernandez (D2011-1012) 25/07/2011

IndiaMART InterMESH Limited v. DomainShield, LLC (D2011-0623) 05/07/2011

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. v. Top Investments, LLLP (D2011-0379) 30/05/2011

Visa Europe Limited v. Silvachi Holdings Ltd / (D2011-0431) 11/05/2011

La Quinta Worldwide, L.L.C v Rudi Seiberlich (D2011-0385) 7/04/2011

Witmer Public Safety Group, Inc. v. Kwang pyo Kim (D2011-0075) 31/03/2011

Indian Oil Corporation Limited v. Whois Identity Sheild c/o Nameview Inc./Vertical Axis Inc. (D2010-2001) 29/03/2011

Click Sales, Inc. v. Zheng Zhong Xing (DCO2011-0009) 11/03/2011

Gruppo Buffetti S.p.A v. Twenty Four Hours, LLC (D2010-2136) 28/02/2011

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