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WIPO 2013

Neil made 16 decisions in the World Intellectual Property Organisation in 2013.


32Red Plc and Trafalgar Media Limited v. Adrian Ballard, Aberystwyth Holiday Village / Private User, Domain Privacy Protector Ltd (D2013-1363) 18/11/2013

Cairns Airport Pty. Ltd. v. Chris Ford (Christopher William Ford)/C and C Family Discretionary Trust (DAU2013-0023) 24/10/2013

Tesco Stores Ltd. v. Mat Feakins (DCO2013-0017) 4/10/2013

First Hotels AS v. Klaudia Kruziecevic (D2013-1004) 21/08/2013

Opera National de Paris v. Vertical Axis Inc. (D2013-0874) 22/08/2013

TOGU Gebruder Obermaier oHG v Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc. / PortMedia Domains (WIPO D2013-0914) 08/08/2013

PJS International SA v. Vertical Axis Inc. /Whois Privcacy Serevices Pty Ltd (D2013-0805) 8/08/2013

United States Postal Service v Victor Dale, LLC (WIPO LRO2013-0047) 07/08/2013

Fundacoin Santa Maris-Ediciones SM v. M.A. Stenzel (D2013-0818) 24/07/2013

WALA-Heilmittel GmbH v. Canada Jumeria/ Contact Privacy Inc. (D2013-0782) 9/07/2013

Tracy Anderson Mind and Body LLC v. Domain Asset Holdings (D2013-0699) 26/06/2013

Walk the Walk Worldwide v. Name Administration Inc. (BVI) (D2013-0731) 21/06/2013

Two Way NV/SA v. Moniker Privacy Services, LLC / [4079779]: Domain Administrator (D2012-2413) 7/06/2013

The California Milk Processor Board of San Clemente v. Domains By Proxy, LLC /Del Polikretis (D2012-2285) 19/02/2013 Elektronik Yayincilik ve I Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S v. Yenibiris Insan Kaynaklari Hizmetleri Danismanlik ve Yayincilik A.S (D2012-2151) 29/01/2013

Game Truck Licensing, LLC v. Domains By Proxy, LLC /Chris Hamptom (D2012 – 1964) 12/01/2013

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