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WIPO 2014

Neil made 19 decisions in the World Intellectual Property Organisation in 2014.


Cofra Holding AG v. Mr Obada Alzatari (D2014-1709) 9/12/2014

Bespoke Services Group S.A. v. Garth Piesse (D2014-1533) 5/11/2014

Wallace Media Pty Ltd v. CyclingTips CA (D2014-1384) 29/10/2014

Paddy Power PLC v. Oded Keinan, Winning Partner Traffic Label Limited (D2014-1192) 9/09/2014

Sun International (IP) Limited v. NameSentinel Admin and Sun Ventures Development Limited, Arthur Tsang (D2014-1190) 11/09/2014

Reliance Telecom Limited v. Domains By Proxy, LLC, Sukhraj Randhawa (D2014-0947) 11/09/2014

TV Sundram Iyengar and Sons Limited v. P.A. Gorden (D2014-0814) 11/08/2014

Ritchey Design, Inc. v Whoise Privacy Services Pty ltd aka Domain Vertical Axis, Inc. / Domain Administrator, Vertical Axis Inc. (D2014-0744) 8/08/2014

Dealhunter A/S v. Richard Chiang (D2014-0766) 17/07/2014

The Teaching Company, LLC d/b/a The Great Courses v. Worldwide Media Inc (D2014-0457) 4/07/2014

The Teaching Company, LLC d/b/a The Great Courses v. Brendham Hight, Marchex Sales, LLC (D2014-0448) 04/07/2014

Javier Zetter Casillas v. Domain Hostmaster/ Vertical Axis Inc. (D2014-0400) 6/06/2014

Okruzhnost LLC v. WhoIs Privacy Protection Service, Inc./Six Media Ltd. (D2014-0373)

S.P.C.M SA v Whois Privacy Services Pty Ltd /Vertical Axis Inc., Domain Administrator (D2014-0327) 20/05/2014

Mobile’s Republic v Kwangpyo Kim (D2014-0089) 23/04/2014

Mapfre Familiar, Compania de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A. v. Whois Privacy Services Pty Ltd /Vertical Axis Inc. (D2014-0020) 31/03/2014

Ministre des Relations internationales, de la Francophonie et du Commerce extéerieur (Minster of International Relations, La Francophonie and External Trade), acting in this proceeding for and on behalf of the Government of Québec v, Ltd (WIPO D2013-2181) 07/03/2014

Coty Deutschland GmBH v. /Mr. Domain Admin/ Peter Colman/ Tom Marks (D2013-1914) 20/01/2014

Tudor Games, Inc v Domain Hostmaster (WIPO D2014-1754) 12/01/2014

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