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WIPO 2016

Neil made 9 decisions in the World Intellectual Property Organisation in 2016.


Emerton v. Peng Goh, Service Pro (D2016-0851) 27/06/2016

Javier Narvaez Segura, Grupo Loading Systems S.L. v. Domain Admin, Mrs. Jello, LLC (D2016-1199) 31/08/2016

Bagley Argentina S.A. v ltd (D2016-0875) 11/07/2016

Volvo Trademark Holding AB v. “-” (D2016-0670) 15/06/2016

Nilson Group AB v. Domain Admin, Frontline Media (D2016-0334) 19/05/2016

European Handball Federation v. domain admin, Xedoc Holding SA / Whois Privacy Services Pty Ltd (WIPO D2016-0057) 22/03/2016

Bank of Scotland Plc v Shelley Roberts, Diversity Network (D2015-2310) 15/02/2016

China Ready and Accredited Pty Ltd v Warren Weitzman, Caramba LLC (D2015 – 2164) 11/02/2016

Florim Ceramiche S.p.A. v. Domain Hostmaster, Customer ID: 24391572426632, Whois Privacy Services Pty LTD / Domain Administrator, Vertical Axis Inc. (D2015 – 2085) 11/02/2016

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