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Totality of Evidence Required

Kathy Miller-Kramer v Dave Warren NAF Case ;  October 3, 2015 Claim Number: FA 1501001602672 Here at the Domain Time we often talk of how important it is for a Complainant to bring evidence so as its claim can be substantiated. It is essential that parties come prepared because Panels will have regard to the… Read more »

Complex Contractual Disputes Fall Outside the Scope of the UDRP

Redox Power Systems, LLC. v. Paul Faulkner Claim Number: FA 1504001615480 June 1, 2015 Paragraph 4(a) of the UDRP expresses that only disputes relating to an alleged abusive registration of a domain name can be decided by arbitration under the UDRP. Potential complainants should bear in mind this narrow scope of the Policy will limit… Read more »

Danger.Danger. Celebrity Alert !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do You Have Trademark Rights In Your Name? As Long As It Can Identify You in Trade or Commerce.

Karen Finerman v Ben Johnston / Bookclout NAF Case: February 12, 2015 Claim Number: FA 1412001596768 Two decisions concerning the entrepreneur Karen Finerman have raised again the question: is it possible for a famous person to have common law trademark rights in their name? Previous decisions decided under the Policy would suggest that yes, if… Read more »