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Consent to Transfer

There has been another decision based on a consent to transfer involving the principles on which a panel should have regard when consent has been given. The decision is Homer TLC, Inc. v. Matthew Ritze, NAF Claim Number: FA1502001605820 April 7, 2015). The decision relied on two previous decisions to the same effect: Citigroup Inc…. Read more »


NAF Case: FA1412001593519 January 12, 2015 Snapchat provides photo and video sharing services through an app. It has been phenomenally successful, to the extent that It has 60 million users and 77% of US college students apparently use Snapchat at least once a day. One wonders what they are all looking at. It has a… Read more »

Redaction of Respondent’s Name: Exceptional Cases and the Availability of Redaction

BRF S.A, f/k/a BRF – Brasil Foods S.A. v. (Redacted) National Arbitration Forum case: Claim Number: FA1410001583509 November 7, 2014 Most people can relate to a situation where they have had a wallet containing credit cards and personal identification either lost or stolen. The ensuing frenzy of attempting to cancel credit cards in a timely… Read more »